Dena's dad has a head full of grey,
Jordan's dad's hair is tied back all the way.
Matt's dad has curls,
and sideburns with swirls.​

2 - 3

4 - 5

Only my dad has no hair,
Looks like a balloon filled with air.
It may sound quite silly, what I have to say,
But dad's bald head can be useful, in a way.

6 - 7

For example,
You can draw on his head, in the back
Another face, In black!

Or, in the shower,
I love drumming on daddy's head,
And he taps my bottom instead. 

8 - 9

On the weekends, spiky hairs grow
From his crown to his spine;
They make him look just like a porcupine 

10 - 11

With shaving cream covering his chin, cheeks and brain
He looks like a lion with a snowy white mane.

12 - 13

When dad's shave is through,    His bald head looks shiny and new.It sparkles and gleamsJust like the sun’s beams.That brilliant head, shining so bright,For one split second Blinds Grandma with light.



14 - 15

Without all those bristles, there's room for some fun;
I love being creative – stickers, anyone?

16 - 17

My dad is so special; he's one of a kind;
Among all other daddies, he's easy to find!

18 - 19

I run to him happily;
"Here I am, can't you see?
Why don't you reach out your arms for me?”


 I want to hug him right away...

20 - 21

Its Ron's father -  Mr. Gray​

22 - 23

By mistake, I hugged another bald guy,
My dad is probably late coming by :(​


Oh wait, there he is! He's here, what a sight!
His hat confused me, thought I'd be here all night!

24 - 25

On my way home I counted bald men,
Not sure, but I think there were ten.

26 - 27