At age of 22...

I realized that I was losing my hair. Along with my hair, I started losing my self-confidence. I could not stand it, and felt I must do something to stop it, Some kind of hair loss treatment. My parents have healthy hair, so I guessed it wasn't genetic. I started thinking: Why me?! What is the cause of my baldness? And what kind of hair treatments should I get? I started investigating...

Over the years I checked about lots of hair treatments, or products, thought about hypnotic treatment to reduce stress (which is considered one of the causes for losing hair). I read about the causes of baldness, went to doctors, put some strange stuff on my hair. I even considered a hair transplant. Hair transplant is so expensive, I can't believe I almost sold my car to bring my lost hair back (and I would have gotten doll hair). Then, I discovered I had plenty of testosterone, which proves that I'm a man, but that didn't bring my hair back. In the years that I suffered hair-loss, I often tried to imagine how I would look after shaving my head. Every few months, I would sketch my head shaved, sometimes adding a goatee.


I always had my reasons for not shaving my head, but I considered it for some time. Since my girlfriend really didn't want me to do it, I waited and spent 5 years suffering the loss of my hair. I was busy investigating everything about the causes and the cures for my hair loss.

Eventually, before our marriage, I told my girlfriend that I must do it (I couldn't stop thinking about the videographer at my wedding party, aiming his camera's strong light straight at the place where my scalp is shining through my hair leftovers). I wanted to feel carefree at my wedding party. One weekend she visited to her parents in another town, knowing I was going to do it. My friend buzzed me with his machine on #1. Then I applied some shaving gel to my scalp, and started shaving with my Gillette razor. 


After washing my head, I was shocked! I saw a white glossy scalp, and it was mine!I knew I did "the right thing" but looking at the mirror was wonderful and strange at the same time.What I saw was a white circle and two dark eyebrows. (So I started growing a goatee to balance it out and only a year later could I manage without it). Two more glances at the mirror, and I knew it. Something was missing... yep it was missing. 

​My hair loss was missing!


I felt REBORN!!


After too many bad hours near the mirror, I just loved what I saw.

The next day, my girlfriend came back.
She cried (with tears and everything..) the first time she saw my new smooth bald look. Few hours later she admitted that it was a lot better this way (I know she didn't have a choice).
And then, after few more days, my scalp got the appropriate tan, so it was and still is even more perfect!
A few months later, I've created this Web site just to spread the word about the real solution for hair loss, which is better than all hair loss solutions! (my opinion)

Five years of suffering from hair loss came to end in one shiny night!