HairStyles for balding men - gallery

The men who appear in the HairStyle for Balding Men Gallery used the balding solution and shaved their heads. By changing their hair styles, they removed their hair loss problem. The before and after head-shaving photos, are divided by head shape, to make it easy for you to find your type of head.

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Marc David Gambino, used to be in the cult success, '80's hair band' Concrete Jungle. now in the uprising band called 'maybe pete'.  
HairStyles for balding men
...I don't think he would of had the courage to do it unless he had seen the virtual pictures that you did of him!
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Best thing I ever did for my ever decreasing hairline  
Well, afther a few beers and my girlfriend out of the house I finally did it....But for me one thing is clear: this was not the last time I shaved my head. 
I'm loving it! I've thought about it for so many years, but because of you I actually did it.
Phil Curly's head-shaving experience, at Head-Shaving Stories
Yes.. this is me

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I would like to thank Todd from Headblade for helping me building this gallery. After reviewing these pictures, you are welcome to move on to the Virtual head shaving, to check how you would look bald for Free.
The balding men who appear in the hairstyles for Balding Men pics used the balding men solution and shaved their heads. They just changed their hair styles and solved their hair-loss problems. Neither products nor expensive baldness treatments are needed. Only balls. So change your balding hairstyle and send it over. Don't comb over!

after reviewing these attractive (I'm straight) men who used the baldness cure, with their new hairstyles, you may proceed to the virtual head shaving to see if it fits you. Guys, if you're balding, change your haircuts!
And don't forget, bald men are SEXY! (check my photo...)




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